Cougar Dream Meaning

If you dream a few cougar, the which means is dependent at the context. A dozing or resting cougar is a sign of power and attractiveness, and of a prime level of recognize from peers. It may additionally imply that you've got completed your goals and that you want to relaxation prior to making an attempt the rest new. If the cougar is prowling round, it might be a representation of your own passion and sexuality, or a sign that you've got been successful in finishing your targets.
If the cougar is traveling, this might imply that it is looking over its perimeter. This generally is a signal that you want to test your own limitations, and that they're respected. A cougar can from time to time be a sign of a female being hostile and intense. It might be a sign that you're in peril. It may additionally constitute a threat on your social and emotional wellbeing. You need to pay shut attention on your emotions when you have this sort of dream, as a result of this provides you with a good indication of the cougar’s major message.

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