Cup Dream Meaning

This dream has a tendency to concentrate on standard offence inside our existence, the instance drinking. 

Traditionally this dream symbolises that we need to focus on mundane duties and domestic issues. 


For a person, this dream is likely to relate to his emotions of domestic happiness. For a girl on this dream is likely to indicate her domestic issues referring to issues to family.

Any cup highlighted to your dream means that love, goodness and prosperity is coming your manner. The cup might also mean renewal and curing. On the other hand, it is going to mean a time that you want to move through into a territory of upper religious development. The other essential aspect of this dream is to know the way the cup used to be used. Is it part complete or empty? To see a cup that is broken manner that you are worried a couple of scenario to your existence. Think about issues ahead of leaping in.

In your dream may be you may have…

  • Seen yourself drinking from a hot espresso cup.
  • Smashed a cup to your dream.
  • Been serving drinks to your dream that concerned cups.
  • Seen a mug.

To drink from a cup or mug symbolizes your adventure through existence or through a hard time to your existence. You should glance intently at the other elements in the dream for a complete interpretation. To see a smashed mug / cup manner as ahead of that you simply should take into accounts no longer leaping in however people are trying that can assist you move ahead through existence when it comes to a piece alternative. To see a mug (or cup) means that you want to identify issues ahead of they occur to stop any bad vibes.

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