Elixir-life Dream Meaning

To dream of the Elixir of Life is symbolic of the hope that one might be able to sooner or later to find something which can convey their lifestyles enrichment and lead them to forestall being bored or annoyed. The dream of this elixir says that you're bored with feeling things that are mundane and it turns into necessary for the dreamer to push through the fears that they've and start over.

This special and magical elixir of lifestyles is in reality something which many to find to be essential, however best few can reach, so this is something this is consultant of in need of something where the chances aren't for your favor most often. By partaking on this elixir of lifestyles it's more straightforward for the dreamer to be able to get the slicing edge of the item that they would like. They can have an advantage around everyone else which means that that if the person is investing in something they're going to obtain positive outcomes because of this funding. This is the sender of excellent news and joy in the lifetime of the dreamer.

In this dream you will have...


  • Been on a search for the paranormal elixir of lifestyles with the intention to reach mastery over something which is hard for him to accept.
  • Decided that you just have been tired of looking for the elixir, gave up and turned into depressed.
  • Were talented the paranormal elixir of lifestyles through a magical particular person thus symbolizing your guides entering lend a hand you through a difficult time.
  • Deciding to seek out happiness and got the Elixir to focus on.


Positive adjustments are afoot if…


  • The elixir was potent enough that you just immediately discovered residing and respiring things coming to lifestyles throughout him.
  • You went on an journey to seek out the elixir of lifestyles thus symbolizing your desire to seek out that which can satisfy your lifestyles.
  • The Elixir of Life, when taken into the body caused your entire body to appear tighter and younger in addition to more fit.



Detailed dream which means...


When the Elixir of lifestyles is being stolen through people for your dream this is symbolic that you are feeling as although you aren't going to be able to transform glad in lifestyles as a result of others are stealing it from you the entire time. This is symbolic that it's time so that you can pursue boundaries with the ones around you so that you're not persistently giving freely the whole lot to people.


This dream is in association with the next situations for your lifestyles...

  • Lack of boundaries.
  • The desire to be clear and working out.
  • The desire to be younger and wonderful.
  • The desire to be healthy.


Feelings that you will have encountered right through a dream of the Elixir of Life...

Confidence. Clarity. Understanding. Strength. Boundaries. Lack of Boundaries. Fear. Uncertainty. Confusion. Health. Dissatisfaction.

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