Marathon Dream Meaning

Marathon is a protracted distance working match. In a dream, a marathon indicates a fight or an ongoing problem.

The fight goes to be long and demands preparation long ahead of the development to arrange the frame. Endurance will have to be evolved and the will to complete the race will have to be instilled. Few other people make a selection to undergo the pains of training for a marathon. Thus, to see a marathon match in a dream could mean different things relying on whether or not the dreamer used to be merely a spectator or a number of the individuals.

Participants in a marathon usually join no longer for the material reward for profitable the race but more for the pride of having completed a frightening job. Thus, any person who goals of being in a marathon could be:

  • A person who has no longer discovered personal pride in his life and seeks it.
  • He is forewarned of an coming near near problem or downside that he has been averting but will quickly be imposed on him.
  • What he's planning to do will take determination and time.
  • He could be pursuing a love passion that can take time to grow.
  • There is an incoming problem that can take time and energy for him to overcome.

Someone who dreamed of seeing any person else in a marathon could mean:

  • The different person could be any person he is aware of who is going to have a big problem up forward.
  • The different person’s difficulties could be the dreamer’s doing.
  • The person he dreamed of could be any person he likes and beyond his succeed in.
  • The person he dreamed of could be in love with any person else, or busy with work or venture and can't take notice of the dreamer.


The setting the place the race used to be held could also have meanings. A cloudy day or rain could mean frustration in love. A clear day could mean there's hope for good fortune.

A mess of individuals in the marathon could mean the dreamer will have to understand that the struggles or demanding situations don't seem to be unique to him. Sparse individuals could mean the dreamer feels lonely going through life by myself. Perhaps, it is time to have some social actions that are devoid of festival.

The terrain for the marathon may have sexual connotation. If the terrain is slim and uphill, the dreamer may have sexual frustrations. If the terrain is of extensive vista, the dreamer could be:

  • A person in search of freedom from a commitment or duty.
  • A person in search of a role that includes touring.
  • A person in search of time for himself with out abandoning his duties.

Some psychologists, prominently Freud, posit that goals mostly have sexual symbolism. This is usually with visions of water, slim, long, uphill roads, or passages, staircase, and others.

Still, what the dreamer associate the things in his goals with may be vital to the translation. For example, the flower violets in a dream could be related to the French viol, without a sexual connotation. But, if the dreamer associate the flower violet to the word violate, it will have sexual connotation.

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