Navel Dream Meaning

The navel is the supply of existence as a child as it's tied to the umbilical cord and those who have dreams of the navel are in for a treat.

This dream is indicative of fine fortune, a love affair, of positive adjustments being afoot.

In this dream you might have...

  • Seen a navel. (stomach button)
  • Found one thing in your navel.
  • Felt or noticed your navel growing.
  • Thought about your navel.
  • Your navel popped out. (as in pregnancy)
  • Someone mentioned one thing about your navel. (or identified your navel)

Positive adjustments are afoot if…

  • Your navel turns into better.
  • You really feel your navel shifting.
  • Someone else pointed at your navel.

Detailed dream which means...

In other cases where the navel dream is a great factor it's generally appearing you that just right issues are entering your existence. If you've got a large or extruding navel in a dream it implies that a new dating is coming your approach – generally somebody from your previous will come back into your existence. When you think about your navel in a dream or are obsessed with your navel this is a sign of fertility and enlargement of a family. When the navel is shifting or growing it displays that you are going to in finding some money or win money. This may be the case when issues are coming out of your navel (reminiscent of lint, water, or seeds).

This dream is in association with the following situations in your existence...

  • Playing the lottery or games of likelihood.
  • Looking for romance.
  • Needing to take care of yourself – feeling run down.

 Feelings that you might have encountered all over a dream of a navel…

Intrigue. Worry. Fear. Disbelief. Wonder. Racing Thoughts. Scared. Fascination. Focus. Happiness.

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