Neptune Dream Meaning

Neptune is the God of the Sea and frequently desires of Neptune even have a very watery aspect to them.

When you dream of Neptune there are strong indications of feelings and psychic consciousness on your desires.

In this dream you could have...

  • Seen Neptune.
  • Prayed to Neptune.
  • Been bowled over at the wonderful thing about Neptune.
  • Given an offering to Neptune.
  • Received a present from Neptune.

Positive adjustments are afoot if…

  • Receive a present from Neptune.
  • Leave an offering for Neptune.

Detailed dream meaning...

You need to paintings on opening up, especially to these round you or those you're keen on, about how you are feeling. In some of these desires there can also be a meaning of hiding from others and wanting to come back clean or to inform the reality.

When you receive a present or are blessed by way of Neptune, then this is good fortune for you in issues of the heart. The Goddess of Love comes from Neptune and from Neptune additionally comes the facility to make things move the way that you need them emotionally or with a spouse. You can be expecting good news quickly after a dream like this.

Dreams of gods and Goddesses on the whole also have strong sexual messages in them. Neptune was once identified for having a powerful sexual appetite and was once a virile god. His energy represents raw sexuality and being open along with your spouse. The openness can imply verbally, emotionally, or simply being open minded. You may be (as a person) be feeling very uninteresting within the bed room and these desires can point out wanting to have more power and regulate there. They also are a sign that you need to take charge on your dating or be the stronger one at this time.

When you might be being sited or chased by way of Neptune, this can be a time to check out where you will have wronged anyone. This could be a close pal, circle of relatives member, or spouse. You need to focus on tactics wherein you'll make amends and a dream like this tells you that it is time to own up to your flaws so that you could paintings at the dating.

This dream is in affiliation with the next eventualities on your lifestyles...

  • Feeling inadequate in a dating.
  • Going through trials with a spouse.
  • Wanting to grasp the meaning to love.
  • Hiding secrets and techniques from those round you.
  • Not being honest with a spouse or pal.
  • Being in a position for your next step on your dating.
  • Sexually annoyed.

Feelings that you could have encountered during a dream of Neptune…

Frightened. Disturbed. Blessed. Happy. Thankful. Desiring. Thoughtful. Scared. Worried. Inadequate.

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