Ouija-board Dream Meaning

When you will have a Ouija Board Dream, it manner that there is an added degree of spirit and occult like energies present in one’s existence.

This displays a desire to be with reference to all that is mysterious as well as non secular. This too can come into play when one has the longing to be with reference to somebody who has gave up the ghost. Death is the principle thriller of existence and therefore it is tough to let a beloved one cross, especially if they have gave up the ghost all at once. The Ouija Board in a dream manner that you're trying to connect with that particular person in any way necessary and so your mind creates the hole to permit that to happen.

The Ouija Board can be noticed as a adverse roughly entity, essentially as a result of there are temporary spirits which stroll the earth in a sense waiting to be heard in a method or every other. They keep close to different varieties of spirit boards and Ouija boards waiting for somebody who isn’t quite professional enough to know that one must cast a protective circle when the use of such issues in order that most effective the spirit in question would come to the board.

In this dream you might have...

  • Received messages at the Ouija Board from a beloved person who has gave up the ghost.
  • Seen temporary spirits close to your Ouija Board
  • Found mysterious shifting items close to your Ouija Board, symbolizing your attachment to the Occult.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You felt comforted when your beloved communicated with you.
  • You were in a position to know the messages obviously and succinctly and felt a sense of release by the point the dream of the Ouija Board was completed
  • You found your self to be part of the Ouija Board shifting it with your own mind appearing your talent to create your truth.


Detailed dream meaning...

When dreaming, though you must not be invaded through random spirits, it will possibly sometimes be tough to know the variation between the waking and dreaming mind, this means that that the fears that you cling onto in existence are also the fears that you cling onto within the dreaming mind. If you worry that an evil presence can come in the course of the Ouija Board, that very same worry is provide within the dreaming mind. Dreaming of this kind of energy means that you're feeling invaded to your waking existence and that you're feeling that you don't have any power to keep watch over the instances round you. This is symbolic that not anything goes the way that it was intended to head and you're feeling utterly inept and out of keep watch over. When one dreams of the Ouija Board, one must needless to say there is nonetheless arduous paintings to be performed within the waking existence and one must not get overly distracted through human pleasures.

This dream is in association with the following eventualities to your existence...

  • Grief
  • Fear of loss
  • The need for divine assistance
  • Contemplation of the way forward for your existence. Midlife Crises, etc.

Feelings that you might have encountered right through a dream of a Ouija Board...

Longing. Grief. Sadness. Compassion. Clarity. Consideration. Contemplation. Frustrating. Freedom. Power of mind. Power of Body. Uncertainty. Difficulty.

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