Stealing-food Dream Meaning

In your dreams you could have seen yourself stealing meals.

This will also be stealing meals while on the desk or on the house of someone you recognize. This may also be stealing meals usually as in a marketplace. You might also were someone else to your dream akin to a beggar or a pauper. The meals you steal could also be meals you want to live to tell the tale.

Food is a basic need, it represents one thing we want and one thing we hunger for. Stealing meals represents dishonesty, of other folks taking one thing that doesn't belong to them. It too can constitute an individual’s feeling of being not able to offer for simple wishes and having to resort to stealing to get it. There could also be some elements to your existence which make you feel not able to offer for even the most basic of things.

In your dream you could have…

  • Stolen meals from someone you recognize.
  • Stolen meals from markets or strangers.
  • Have meals stolen from you.


Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Resolve the dream and get meals without stealing.

Detailed dream interpretation…

Stealing meals is an act which refers to having to steal a need. This necessity could also be in the form of both subject material and emotional items. If you notice yourself stealing meals usually, even from other folks you would possibly not know to your dreams then you could feel a sense of helplessness or concern. You would possibly see yourself as having to resort to stealing to get the elemental issues. In actual existence you can be too frightened about learn how to reside each day or gain the issues you want.

If you notice yourself stealing meals from other folks you recognize or other folks close to you, it will imply one thing else. You would possibly feel that you are too dependent on them and that you are becoming like a moocher or a parasite. You will also be stealing intangible issues akin to affection or love from those other folks.

Stealing meals from others will also be a reflection of your envy of them. You would possibly feel that those individuals are undeservedly better off than you. In your dream, you can be stealing meals from them since you feel that you should have what they have got.

If to your dreams you notice other folks stealing meals from you, it will imply that you view others as mooching off of you or getting what you own. You would possibly recognize certain other folks to your dream. In actual existence those could also be other folks you feel are taking advantage of you.

Stealing plenty of meals is a symbolism of hunger, in all probability even an insatiable urge for food. In actual existence, you could continuously crave for one thing. Again this does not need to be subject material in nature. It will also be rewards, accolades or attention. Needing to steal meals continuously to your dreams would possibly imply you feel such as you aren't getting what you deserve.

Feelings that you could have encountered throughout a dream of stealing meals...

Guilt, anger, excitement.

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