Walrus Dream Meaning

A walrus is a marine mammal that is quite large and quite unsightly taking a look.

They have mustaches and a noisy bark very similar to a male seal.

In this dream you could have...


  • Seen a walrus.
  • Fed a walrus.
  • Petted a walrus.
  • Talked to a walrus.
  • Followed a walrus.
  • Chased or were chased by way of a walrus.
  • Threw one thing at a walrus.
  • Danced with a walrus.
  • Been a walrus (coo coo cachou!).


Positive changes are afoot if…


  • You were being kissed by way of a walrus.
  • You were feeding a walrus.
  • You were being guided with sure energy by way of a walrus.


Detailed dream that means...

A walrus in a dream can indicate an omen of trip, social gatherings, or emotional turmoil in your existence. Because the walrus is a water creature known for antics but in addition for a cantankerous disposition, the walrus in a dream will have a couple of meanings. If you dream of being with a walrus, feeding a walrus, or someway having a positive association with a walrus in a dream this is a sign of sure changes coming in your personal social existence. However, if the walrus isn't pleasant, chases you, or if you make it offended, then you need to watch out of the folk you're trusting around you.

Sometimes a walrus will come in a dream with a message. People who discuss with an animal in a dream steadily are short of steering from this animal for their merits. Usually a person who's getting a message from a walrus is any individual wanting assist on a social stage, has anxiety of speaking to others, or has a hard time expressing themselves. This is a time to tear off the masks and be true to self. People are around you which might be likeminded and you'll be able to be secure in the present social scenario.

If the walrus displays as your totem animal in a dream, this means a fear of loneliness. Consider tactics in which you've gotten felt close off in your personal existence and check out to search out tactics to precise your self in a wholesome means. Be wary of being too impartial as a result of then you will close off others around you that wish to be there for you and you may in finding that you are missing opportunities to department out either in a social environment or work – similar to missing networking opportunities. A strong walrus in a dream can indicate your personal internal energy in a courting and you most probably will in finding that you are pushing people away on account of your personal fear of now not being permitted.

Seeing a walrus in your dream can also characterize emotions of force or domination. If the walrus in your dream is a big presence this is a one who is obstructing you from attaining a objective. Also being attacked by way of a walrus signifies your energy being taken away by way of any individual. This is your choice and you'll be able to coax your self out of a problem in the event you in point of fact put your mind to it. Now is a time for motion in your existence.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your existence...


  • Not trusting people around you.
  • Being shy or reserved.
  • Being not sure of your next step to take.
  • Having energy taken clear of you.


 Feelings that you could have encountered right through a dream of a Walrus…

Curious. Sneaky. Whimsical. Happy. Nice. Entertained. Loved. Smiling. Treasured. Helpless. Angry. Confused. Quick. Impoverished. Enslaved. Terrified.  Curious. Shocked.

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