Wardrobe Dream Meaning

Clothing of any kind is important in a dream as a result of frequently clothing is a clue on how we really feel about ourselves, the acceptance of the ones round us, and the way we are able to precise ourselves within the waking global.

A whole wardrobe, for instance, may have a special meaning than a raggedy or dilapidated wardrobe. Pay shut consideration to the colors, the fabrics, and the are compatible of the garments in a wardrobe during your dream.

In this dream you might have...


  • Bought a brand new wardrobe.
  • Went right into a wardrobe and located a brand new land (reminiscent of within the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe).
  • Needed new garments.
  • Threw out outdated garments.
  • Had a wardrobe that was once damaged, tarnished, or manufactured from deficient cloths.
  • Had a pleasant, nice, or wealthy wardrobe.
  • Dressed in clothing that didn’t fit you.
  • Had a wardrobe that was once no longer proper – reminiscent of garments for a dance that have been all pajamas or pauper clothing.


Positive adjustments are afoot if…


  • You have a nice new wardrobe 
  • Someone offers you one thing nice to wear
  • You share your clothing with any person less fortunate than you


Detailed dream meaning...

Dreaming of a wardrobe is typically a sign of your personal ideas about you. The one different interpretation is whilst you dream of a wardrobe being one that isn't yours. Sometimes you will find clothing for your wardrobe that is without a doubt no longer yours. When you notice this it may be a sign that your partner is cheating on you. If you have insecurities for your waking lifestyles they are able to be expressed thru some of these dreams.

When you use a wardrobe to take you to every other position – reminiscent of a fairy land or a a ways method position, believe how you might be running clear of problems for your own lifestyles or no longer proudly owning up to your responsibilities. Sometimes in dreams like this, one thing will likely be present in a wardrobe which will point out a change coming your method. For example, a child in a wardrobe can point out that you're going to be accountable for a kid that may not be your personal or that any person with regards to you will want lend a hand taking care of youngsters. Finding money in a wardrobe is a sign that any person else wishes your lend a hand. These are questions in your own integrity and a problem if you will do the correct factor or no longer.

The clothing particularly that makes up a wardrobe will typically reflect how you notice yourself. Tattered wardrobes point out feeling low or that you are not worthy of nice issues. Ornate and flashy clothing can point out that you're being shallow. Nice but no longer ‘too nice’ clothing that matches and is comfortable is a brilliant sign of feeling just right about yourself, self assurance, and a just right energy round you for success.

This dream is in association with the next scenarios for your lifestyles...


  • Being yourself.
  • Hiding your true self from others.
  • Wishing you had more than you do.
  • Respecting self.
  • Reflecting on how others see you.
  • Taking on new responsibilities.
  • Wishing it's good to have one thing different – no longer being reasonable for your expectancies.


Feelings that you might have encountered during a dream of a Wardrobe

Happy. Pretty. Nice. Different. Creative. Charmed. Appreciated. Wistful. Dirty. Torn. Privileged. Undeserving. Unkind. Startled. Curious. Shocked. Angry. Confusion. Mistrust. Accusatory.

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