Watch Dream Meaning

The creation of watches, a method to make time control transportable, revolutionized every aspect of human existence.

Being in a position to have a portable timekeeper allowed us to carefully observe the passage of time. A watch in a dream therefore represents structure, self-containment, and the passage of time. On an emotional stage, a watch might signify an over reliance on rules and rules on your way of living or a lack of spontaneity. Alternately, it signifies order and precision particularly amidst chaos.


In this dream you might have...

  • An antique watch.
  • A collectible themed watch.
  • A rare or helpful watch.
  • A watch of great sentimental price.
  • Needed a brand new watch.
  • Found a watch.
  • Broken a watch.
  • Lost your watch
  • Stolen a watch.
  • Possessed a watch belonging to another person.
  • Noticed that your watch had stopped.
  • Used a forestall watch.
  • Timed somebody running.
  • Been timed whilst running.
  • Kept noticing the similar time or repeating numbers on your dream.


Positive adjustments are afoot if…

  • You noticed a pattern of repeating of numbers akin to 11:11.
  • You discovered a watch.
  • You own a watch of financial or sentimental price.
  • You purchased a brand new watch.


Detailed dream which means...

Dreams of a broken watch, losing your watch or a stopped watch suggest that you've misplaced monitor of the occasions on your existence. On a sensible stage, it will refer to your having poor time control skills and desiring to reevaluate your progress on your endeavors. On an emotional stage, it will point out that your own expansion has come to a standstill and you want to triumph over some emotional barrier.


Dreaming of an antique watch or a watch that used to be given to you by an ancestor indicates that you've problems on your previous that it is time to cope with. These problems could have to do with questions of tips on how to transition from the person that you was to whom you wish to change into. Similarly, dreaming of a collectible watch with a theme from your youth might signify either  that you wish to return to a happier more easy time and are avoiding rising up within the present second or that you've problems along with your previous and it is time to grow up. To dream of a watch owned by an acquaintance, pal or stranger indicates that you feel as regardless that your time isn't your own to control and you have too many duties. Stealing a watch that belongs to somebody else indicates that you wish to are living somebody else's existence or really feel as regardless that you might be dwelling an inauthentic existence.


Possessing a watch of soft or monetary price signifies that you are at some degree on your existence the place time is treasured to you and you enjoy your moments with those who are nearest and dearest to you. You might in finding that this can be a time of great prosperity or reward for you.

Using a forestall watch, timing somebody or being timed in a dream implies a sense of urgency in accomplishing a role or resolving a topic in a relationship. You could have hurdles to clear on your race towards time. Dreams of a particular quantity, time or pattern of repeating numbers are pointing your consideration to a particular house on your existence which calls for your consideration.


This dream is in association with the next eventualities on your existence...


  • Biological clock
  • Retirement, promotion, newly employed
  • Death of a beloved one
  • Being overscheduled


Feelings that you might have encountered throughout a dream of a watch…

Harried. Controlled. Organized. Lost. Disoriented. Dutiful. Triumphant. Victorious. Hassled. Harassed. Devoted. Relentless. Steady. Persistent.

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