Water-balloon Dream Meaning

Unlike balloons stuffed with air which have the potential to drift above the world, water balloons are heavy since they're weighed down with water.

The objective of a water balloon is to serve as a playful form of grenade thrown right through a game. The amusing derives from the unexpectedness of the explosion and the next splash. Since water in dreams is related to emotions, then water balloons in dreams constitute emotions which were bottled and directed at people.

In this dream you'll have...

  • Thrown a water balloon.
  • Been hit by a water balloon thrown by a stranger.
  • Been hit by a water balloon thrown by a chum or family member.
  • Filled a water balloon.
  • Dropped a water balloon.
  • Juggled water balloons.
  • Played hot potato with a water balloon.
  • Floated a water balloon in a tub or pool.



Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You performed with a water balloon with out being splashed.
  • You loved being splashed by a water balloon.
  • You dropped a water balloon.


Detailed dream which means...


To dream of throwing a water balloon in play suggests that you've pent up emotions which you are trying to vent in a playful means. You may have issue expressing yourself without delay and depend on humor, self-deprecation, understatement or exaggeration to get your point throughout. This is especially true if there is an imbalance of energy between yourself and the individual at whom the balloon was thrown, or in case you are younger or feminine. Dreaming of throwing a water balloon in anger denotes that you're susceptible to outbursts of emotion which take others by surprise. The dream in this case is an indication that you wish to have to work on freeing your feelings in a more positive means earlier than your self-expression turns into more destructive to those around you.


Dreaming of being hit by a water balloon indicates that you've been the target of any person else's emotional onslaught; alternatively, you may be unaware consciously that you've been attacked. The dream is the attempt by your subconscious to make you acutely aware of that you've false pals or insincere relationships. Being hit by a stranger suggests that you're in a social or political environment that is stuffed with disingenuous people and you wish to have to steer clear of turning into a goal. Being hit by any person who is known to you, like a family member or pal, implies that there is battle to your relationship which has not yet transform totally acrimonious.


A dream by which you're filling a water balloon is alerting you to the fact that your anger, melancholy or frustration are development and while you are dealing with the placement in a playful means. You wish to defuse the placement earlier than it explodes. Dropping a water balloon, alternatively, indicates that you're keen to let something that is bothering you go.

To dream of playing hot potato with water balloon indicates that there is emotional uncertainty within your circle of friends and family, however your loving bonds decrease the have an effect on of any battle. A dream by which you're juggling water balloons additionally suggests a measure of emotional uncertainty, however in this case the dream implies that you've issue expressing your feelings in any respect that's not probably self-destructive.


Dreaming of floating water balloons in a bigger pool of water indicates that you've partitioned a portion of your psyche away out of your waking self.


This dream is in affiliation with the following situations to your life...


  • A battle with a co-worker
  • Not fitting in at work or school
  • Being excluded by a clique
  • Putting your foot to your mouth


Feelings that you'll have encountered right through a dream of Water Balloons…


Apprehension. Lightheartedness. Anger. Uncertainty. Hurt Feelings. Maturity. Childishness. Consummation. Provocation. Dignity. Graciousness. Vexation. Immaturity. Annoyance.

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